SMAR DT300 Series

Density Transmitters
  • Accuracy ±0.0004 g/cm³ (±0.1 °Brix);
  • Temperature compensation;
  • Range 0.5 g/cm³ – 5 g/cm³;
  • Standard industrial and sanitary process connection;
  • Digital LCD indicator;
  • Direct density or concentration readout in engineering units such as g/cm³, kg/m3, Specific Gravity, °Brix, °Baume, °Plato, °INPM, °GL, °API, % Solids, % Concentration, etc;
  • Suitable for dynamic and static liquids;
  • Two wire loop powered;
  • Several different wetted materials;
  • Single integrated unit without moving parts;
  • Factory calibration and Self calibration;
  • In field re-calibration:
  • No standard reference required;
  • No lab calibration required;
  • No process shutdown.
  • Continuous/Self diagnostics;
  • Weather proof, explosion proof and intrinsically safe;
  • The control strategy is built from direct instantiation and deletion of function blocks;
  • Configuration and Parameterization all through open and interoperable configuration tools available in the market, e.g., based on PC or PCMCIA Cards or operations by the local adjustment switches (should be used with a LCD display);
  • Use of the Analog Input function;
  • Totally digital; including sensor, electronics and communication;
  • Configurable Local Adjustment (Foundation fieldbusTM and PROFIBUS PA);
  • Easy firmware upgrade (via Flash Memory Interface) for Foundation fieldbusTM and PROFIBUS PA;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Three technology options: HART®, Foundation fieldbusTM, PROFIBUS PA.
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