HART Pressure Transmitters


HART® – 4 a 20 mA

LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters consists of differential, absolute and gauge pressure transmitters as well as models for both level and remote seal applications. The LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters offers the best solution for all field applications and those demanding the highest performance.

LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters offers:

  • ± 0.045% Accuracy
  • ± 0.2% of URL Stability – Guarantee For 12 Years
  • 200:1 Rangeability
  • 35 ms Total Response Time
  • Non-volatile Flow Totalizer
  • Tank Linearization
  • PID Control Capability
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Bi-directional Flow Measurement
  • Supports DD, EDDL, and FDT/DTM
  • Non-polarity Power Input
  • Built-in Transient Suppression

Transmitter Models

Differential Pressure – LD400D and LD400H

Pressure is applied to high and low side and differential pressure is measured. High static pressure is supported for LD400H models.

Flow – LD400D and LD400H

The differential pressure is generated by a primary flow element and the square root function computes the flow measurement.

Absolute Pressure – LD400A

The pressure is measured at the high side of the transmitter and the low side is at zero absolute pressure to a sealed chamber with vacuum.

Gage Pressure – LD400M

The pressure is measured at the high side of the transmitter and the low side is open to the atmosphere, providing true local atmospheric reference.

Level – LD400L

The transmitter has a flange-mounted unit for direct installation on vessels. Extended diaphragms are also available. The closed tank low side can compensate for ullage pressure.

Sanitary – LD400S

LD400S is especially designed for food and other applications where sanitary connections are required. With threaded or “tri-clamp” connections, it allows quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

The flush connection enables deposit removal without disconnecting the seal. Tri-clamp and other connections are compliant to 3A (74-02) standard for food grade applications.
For further information, see the SMAR SR301 Series Catalog.

Manifolds Valves Aplications

SMAR Manifold Valves provide all of the necessary safety for field maintenance of LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters transmitters. Working at pressures of up to 6,000 psi, they are easy to handle and lighter than others in the market. Pressure and leakage tests are present in 100% of the valves, also for models mounted on the transmitter. For further information, please see the SMAR Manifold Valves Catalog.

Remote Seals

SR301 is a remote seal designed for chemical and thermal isolation. LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters can be assembled with separate diaphragm seals in either one or both sides of the sensor. SR301 options include: flanged “T”, flush connection, threaded, sanitary and flanged with extension.

Typical applications for LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters with remote seals:

  • Corrosive process fluid
  • Suspended solids or viscous process fluid
  • Process fluids that may freeze or solidify
  • Process temperatures higher than supported by transmitters
  • Replaces impulse lines and condensate legs
  • Bubble system
  • See the SR301 Series Catalog for further information regarding application and specification.

Parameterization and Diagnostics

LD400 is available in HART technology. These instruments can be configured with SMAR software and other manufacturer configuration tools. Local adjustment is available in all LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters. It is possible to configure zero and span, totalization, setpoint and other control functions using the magnetic screwdriver.
SMAR has developed AssetView, which is a user-friendly Web Tool that can be accessed anywhere and anytime using an internet browser. It is designed for management and diagnostics of field devices, to ensure reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance.

LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters can be configured by:

  • SMAR DEVCODROID for Windows and UNIX;
  • SMAR DEVCODROID for Windows and UNIX;
  • SMAR HI331 e PC Windows for most recent models of Palms;
  • Other manufacturers’ configuration tools based on DD (Device Description), Simatic PDM, and FDT/DTM, such as AMSTM, FieldCareTM, PACTwareTM, HHT275 and HHT375, PRM Device Viewer.

For LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters management and diagnostics, AssetView ensures continuous information monitoring.

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