CM series

CM series

Manufacturer: SCHIEBEL

On / off and modulating smart control


  • Actuators for on-off (S2) and modulating (S4) control
  • ATEX compliant, explosion-proof actuators
  • Voltages from 24 V DC to 400 V AC 3~
  • Adjustable speed/positioning time
  • One actuator for different voltages on AC/DC
  • Proven technology of integrated control device SMARTCON
schiebel_cm_series1V2_90¯_CM03 X LogikII + SFV2_CM03 A LogikII + L75V2_CM03 E LogikII + IB4V2_CM03 E LogikII + IW4V2_CM03FS20_5 z1 LogikIIV2_CM03FSQT20 z1 LogikII

Basic advantages and features of the SCHIEBEL CM series electric actuator

  • As multi-turn actuators up to 62 Nm, with gearboxes up to 500 Nm
  • As part-turn actuators up to 15,000 Nm
  • As linear actuators up to 25 kN and 200 mm stroke
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Non-intrusive setup
  • Speed and torque adjustable for user
  • Manual override – no lever required for manual operation
  • Mode of operations from S2-S9
  • Energy efficient  high efficiency
  • Low noise and low wear
  • Fewer sealing surfaces and high corrosion protection