TLV SteamAqua

SteamAqua is a compact, instantly connectable water heater that combines TLV’s best practices in steam and condensate handling. SteamAqua heats water quickly and precisely using conditioned dry steam supplied by a CV-COS. The unique condensate pre-heater option further reduces water heating time and optimises energy efficiency. SteamAqua also has a built-in TLV PowerTrap, which promptly discharges condensate under all load conditions to ensure stable operation, and a reliable, easy-to-use touch panel.

Application Areas

  • Hot water supply
  • CIP Cleaning

Specific Applications

  • Beverage
  • Brewery
  • Chemistry
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Laundry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastic
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Country of Origin


Industry Sectors

Biotechnology, Chemical, Breweries, Building materials, Dairies, Distilleries, Food and Beverage, Hospitals, Pharma and cosmetics, Textile, Laundries, Timber, Pelletizing, Tire, rubber and plastic


Condensate, Superheated water, Steam, Superheated steam, Water and Wastewater