TLV Free Float SJ/SJH Series

Free Float steam trap with thermostatic air venting

Free Float SJ/SJH series steam traps are inline repairable multi purpose steam traps with tight shut-off for middle and large condensate amounts, small and high pressure differences for using them with heat exchangers, dryers and other process equipment. They have integrated stainer. Depends on submodel they have thermostatic type air vent using capsule or bimetal, to grant rapid startup.

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Valve Operation Principle

Free Float steam trap with thermostatic (capsule or bimetal) air venting


DN 15-50 (1/2″ – 2″)


PN 16-63, ANSI 150-600


Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel

Max discharge capacity (kg/h)

up to 5000

Operating Pressure

0.1 – 46 barg

Operating Temperature

0 – 400 °C

Available Orifices, ΔPMX

2, 5, 9, 10, 14, 22, 32, 46



Available by Request

Bypass line for large condensate amounts during starting phase (e.g. paper machines), Subcooling X-element



Country of Origin


Industry Sectors

Biotechnology, Chemical, Boiler and Power Plants, CHP, Breweries, Building materials, Dairies, Distilleries, Food and Beverage, Hospitals, Mining, Metallurgy, Oil&Gas, Refineries, Pharma and cosmetics, Pulp&Paper, Textile, Laundries, Timber, Pelletizing, Tire, rubber and plastic


Condensate, Superheated water, Steam, Superheated steam, Water and Wastewater