WirelessHART™ Temperature Transmitter

TT400 WirelessHART™ is a transmitter utilized on applications that require wireless data transmission. It is used chiefly in temperature measurement using RTDs or thermocouples.

TT400 WirelessHART™ accepts up to two sensors and operates in any of the following modes:

  • Simple measurement, one sensor only;
  • Differential measurement, two sensors (same type);
  • Backup measurement two sensors (same type);
  • Maximum, minimum or median measurement, two sensors (same type).
  • Basic accuracy of ± 0.02%;
  • Several options for sensors and connections in a single equipment;
  • Advanced diagnostics;
  • Supports DD/EDDL and FDT/DTM;
  • Sensor backup;
  • HART Protocol Version 7;
  • Primary Lithium batteries (Li-SOCl2) de 3.6 V, totalizing 7.2 V.
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