Realtime Moisture Control Systems

The Realtime Moisture Control Systems (RMCS) is a full package for keeping constant moisture and temperature’s parametric values in defined range by using atomized water and steam. RMCS is a fully customized unique industrial system for very different processes and materials such as chips, flakes, powders, granules etc with different fractions and color. Each set is sized, configured, planned and completed by customer’s needs, depending on the material and its properties, process and industry’s characteristics or requirements, climatic conditions on working place worldwide, needful accuracy and communication protocols and lots of other nuances. The system software can be is integrated with other process control systems to work with or to support another system. The system is able to keep the realtime material moisture and temperature control in different and strategic measuring points. The software in the main control system has continuous communication between different measuring devices and analyzers, nozzles, different feeding and control equipment for water, air and steam. All of these individually composed components are included in the system package to make as good harmonic sound as possible. It is a precise and expandable package for industries where the product quality is not negotiable. Beside common conditions, RMCS is usable for Ex, specific food industry applications and it is not affected by local electromagnetic fields.

Application areas

  • production processes of wood
  • food and fertilizer granules
  • extraction processes in chemical and biochemical industry
  • processing of herbs and cannabis etc.
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Industry Sectors

Biotechnology, Chemical, Breweries, Building materials, Distilleries, Food and Beverage, Pharma and cosmetics, Pulp&Paper, Timber, Pelletizing