AMMtech AMM 740 Series

Double eccentric leakage damper valves
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Valve Operation Principle
Manual, pneumatic or electric actuated double eccentric leakage damper valve for on-off or control application, SIL3 approved

DN 150 – 2000

PN 6-10, ANSI 150
Carbon Steel, AISI 304, AISI316, others by request
Leakage Class
Max Leakage Class VI (FCI 70-2)
Operating Pressure

up to 3 bar

Operating Temperature

up to 200°C

Wafer, Flanged, Butt weld by request
Specific Applications
Air, Gas, Fumes and Liquid, CHP and Inceneration Plants, Biomass, Biogas and Renewable Energy Plants, Boilers and Burners, Chemical Industry, Thermal Oxidizers


Country of origin


Industry Sector

Biotechnology, Chemical, Boiler and Power Plants, CHP, Breweries, Building materials, Dairies, Distilleries, Food and Beverage, Hospitals, Mining, Metallurgy, Oil&Gas, Refineries, Pharma and cosmetics, Pulp&Paper, Textile, Laundries, Timber, Pelletizing, Tire, rubber and plastic, Water and wastewater


Air, Gas, LPG, Vapours, Condensate, Superheated water, Exhaust gases, Neutral and Agressive Liquids, Water and Wastewater